Monday, October 1, 2007

Community effort

Thanks to;
Cooke Communications LLC, Cypress House, Inc., John and Janet van Tuyl, William Semich, Finbar Gittleman, Propeller Club, Marge Smith, Jackie and Jamie Gwidt, Eric Nelson, Fran and Bob Decker, Gardens Hotel, Ray Cambell, Dave Oatway, Ed Swift, Bascom and Beth Grooms, Joan Pain, Mel Fisher Museum, Joe Bement, Roger Bernstein, John Strain, Michael Browning, Bill Reese, Daran Oppenheimer, Richard Manley, Eric and Catherine Landen, Tommy and Kim Mack and all others that so generously pledged there support to the preservation of our Key West Flag Ship.

Together we raised $ 99,245.00

The Ship is ours...

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