Monday, October 1, 2007

We got a deal

Jeff Salzman prepared a package for the owners of Historic Tours of America. A great looking booklet with our intentions and plans on how we are going to save the Schooner Western Union, complete with pictures and financial projections.
Mr. Ed Swift, CEO of Historic Tours of America shared our passion for the ship and loved our ideas.
Six meetings followed... the sale price of the ship went from $900,000 to $600,000 at the first meeting to $400,000 with owner financing in the second....
Negotiations went on for two months.
We got our wish, we got the ship donated to our organization.
Historic Tours of America a key west attraction company believed in our passion for the project, Mr. Swift promised to donate the ship to our society if;
We proof to Mr. Swift that we can find enough enthusiasm in the community of Key West, and show to him that we can raise $100,000 in pledged donations. Money needed to maintain the ship and pay her expenses for the first 5 months to come.
A tall order...

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