Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Set back..

For our insurance policy to be active for our journey to Miami a boat survey was required.
The ships surveyor Dave we have hired for the job was a boat captain himself and he assured us that he can tell us for sure if the boat is save enough to make the pass to the Miami boat yard.
Hours was spend by Captain Dave, and by the look on his face it did not look that good.
Dave said that the "turn buckles" where so rotten they would snap with the least amount of wind, the ship is taking on water and most of the chains and ropes are rotten.
He sincerely suggested for us to do the work that needed to be done to the ship to do it here in Key West instead.
The only way he would feel comfortable for us to sail to Miami is with a calm ocean (2 feet swells), a calm breeze (7 knots maximum) and use the engine instead of the sails.
Fair enough...

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